What can be traded on gettex?

More than 440,000 * instruments are traded on gettex:

  •     8,400 shares (including 7,900 international shares)
  •   15,000 bonds
  •     4,100 funds
  •      2,600 ETPs (including crypto assets)
  • 185,000 certificates issued by Goldman Sachs
  • 130,000 certificates issued by UC onemarkets
  •   90,000 certficates issued by HSBC.

* As at July 2024, the figures change daily due to new listings and maturities. 

Is it possible to trade directly on gettex without a bank or broker?

No. First, you have to open an account with a bank or online broker to place your orders. They provide access to gettex.

Please find an overview of our partners here.



Which banks or online brokers provide access to gettex?

Please visit our partners page to find an overview of banks and online brokers connected to gettex.


Which order types are available on gettex?

You can trade per quote request or by using one of these order types:

  • unlimited market order
  • limit order
  • stop-loss market | stop-loss limit
  • stop-buy market | stop-buy limit
  • OCO market, OCO limit
  • trailing-stop-loss / buy both with and without limit-orders.


What are the trading hours?

Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
The trading calender lists our holidays: Trading calendar

The share I want is not on gettex. What can I do?

If the trading requirements are fulfilled, we can quickly provide a listing. Please send us an email with the name of the share, ETF or fund you wish to trade to listing(at)gettex(dot)de 

To provide the usual high quality in trading it is important that the title is traded with enough turnover on a market. Furthermore it is crucial that the title can bei regulated via Clearstream and is traded in EUR (especially ETFs).

Who does the pricing on gettex?

Market maker for shares, bonds, funds and ETPs is Baader Bank. Trading on gettex is subject to rigid rules and standards and is under control of an independent market surveillance.

In certificate trading gettex is the sole stock exchange to offer direct trading of certificates with the market makers and issuers Goldman Sachs, UniCredit  onemarkets and HSBC. Thus you trade cost-efficient and fast - important pros when trading certificates.


Where can I find real time gettex prices free of charge?
What does UC mean in the indices?

UC stands for UniCredit. They calculate the index indications. This means that the underlying indices, such as the DAX, can be displayed in real time on our website.


Who can I ask if I have a question or complaint?

Please send us a mail
general questions to:  info(at)gettex(dot)de
questions concerning order execution to: huest(at)gettex(dot)de

Or just give us a call: +49 89 549045-0.
On trading days we are available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. 


How much is a trade on gettex?

gettex exchange does not charge any fees: No broker's commission, no exchange fee. There will be no external costs for your order execution via gettex.
Nonetheless there might be costs. Those are due to your bank or broker. You can find details on this in your broker's/bank's scale of fees.


Are there any hidden costs?

gettex exchange does not charge any fees, therefore there are no hidden costs. 

You were charged nonetheless? See "How much is a trade on gettex?"


Which certificate issuers are on gettex?

You can trade Goldman Sachs, Unicredit onemarkets and HSBC certificates. 

More issuers to come.


What is the advantage of gettex over other trading venues?

On gettex you trade with the issuer directly. This allows for cost-efficient and quick trading - important benefits when trading certificates.


How can I find the right certificate?

With the gettex certificate screener, you can intuitively find the right certificate for your trading strategy.
Starting with the underlying, decide between leverage and investment product and then select and define various criteria. 


Is your question missing?

Send an email: 

For general questions to info(at)gettex(dot)de
For questions concerning an order execution to huest(at)gettex(dot)de

Or just give us a call: +49 89 549045-0
On trading days we are available from 7:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.