gettex – fast and low cost trading

Certificate trading

  • No broker commission, no trading fee
  • Long trading hours from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.
  • Direct, quick real-time trading
  • Exchange market surveillance under public law
  • Unique in Germany

Trade over 220,000 certificates now cheaper than ever before.

gettex is the only exchange that offers direct certificate trading with the market maker and issuer HypoVereinsbank onemarkets and HSBC. So trade quick and cheap  – crucial advantages when trading certificates.

gettex is the trading venue of Bayerische Boerse AG specifically addressing price-conscious and active traders. As an actual exchange under public law, gettex is governed by strict rules and regulations. It has its own market exchange surveillance ensuring price quality and trader protection.

Statements on Certificate Trading

“The addition of HSBC Deutschland sees an established and innovative issuer joining gettex as a market maker. Our participating banks are already looking forward to our expanded range of more than 200,000 derivative securities from our issuers at HSBC and HVB onemarkets. Many institutions want to make gettex an ever greater focal point in their clients’ certificate trading,”
Dr. Robert Ertl, Member of the Management Board of Bayerischen Börse AG

“gettex is exactly the right exchange for our target group of autonomous decision-makers. It is extremely inexpensive but nevertheless offers the full transparency and standardized rules of a regulated exchange.”
Dominik Auricht, Head of Public Distribution Germany, Austria, HypoVereinsbank onemarkets

“The connection to gettex offers advantages for our clients and company. gettex combines the key benefits of OTC trading, such as quick direct trading at attractive terms, with the investor protection of a public stock exchange. The added value offered by gettex forms another part of our services for investors and traders and should also offer us new growth potential as issuers.”
Mark Cringle, Managing Director, Head of Equity Derivatives Group, HSBC Deutschland

"The new gettex quote request process enables our flatex clients faster/quicker execution of trading orders, which is very attractive for them, especially in terms of certificate trading.“
Niklas Helmreich, CEO flatex