gettex – fast and low cost trading

The gettex trading platform offers reliable prices and immediate execution within the framework of a well-known, reliable exchange marketplace with full transparency, fair pricing and under the supervision of the trading surveillance bodies.

Over 100,000 securities, including over 3,000 stocks and more than 2,500 foreign currency bonds, and that is new - 80.000 certificates can be traded without exchange fees and commission-free on gettex.

All conventional order types as well as “intelligent order types”, such as trailing stops, can be entered on gettex. On the website, investors can view real-time prices free of charge and will see the developments on the most important markets and for all traded equities, funds, ETFs, ETCs and bonds at one glance.  


New: Certificate Trading

Round about 80.000 certificates issued by "HypoVereinsbank onemarkets" can be traded on gettex starting July 18th. Without exchange fees and commission-free on gettex, that also applies for certificates.  


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Trading Surveillance:
Tel.: +49 89 549045-53
Mail: huest(at)gettex(dot)de